“We love ABP! We are from Illinois,we have done 2 of their pageants since my daughter was born and she did very well in both and had lots of fun too! It is a great pageant system to work with and everyone is very nice/helpful. We can’t wait to do more in the future. ”  – Brittany, Illinois







“We love America’s Best Pageant! We are from OHIO so we do a lot of traveling to come to these pageants! My daughter started when she was 1 1/2 and is now 3 years old. My daughter has made friends and everyone has been so nice! – Tyffany, Ohio







“Hello from IL, This is Mackenzie. We have been with ABP for almost a year now. And wouldn’t go with any other! My daughter has made so many new friends and met some very nice people. These pageant a very friendly competition, always positive. And I have to say my daughters shyness has went out the window her confidence id thru the roof. Thanks again to ABP!!! ❤” – Leticia, Illinois







“Hello I’m from Missouri but we travel to Illinois for our pageants. Are 1st pageant was done in Quincy with Sloan Wolf and my daughter loved her. My child has boosted her self confidence. Got out of her shy box. And we can’t wait till the next one!” – Shyrekia, Missouri




“This is Ava! She loves her ABP! We have made so many friends at ABP pageants. We have tried a couple other Pageants but ABP is hands down her and my favorite. I was brand new too pageants and the directors were always quick to help us and get us going in the right direction. Pageants have helped Ava grow so much in just the year we have been doing them! We are addicted! If you want a fair and fun pageant system America’s Best Pageant is the system for you! We are from Missouri, and do not mind traveling for ABP! We Rate America’s Best Pageant 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – Katherine, Missouri





“We are from Illinois and have been doing pageants with ABP for several years now. We love everyone at ABP and all the beautiful friends we have made over the years. These pageants are so much fun and my daughter has definitely gained tremendous confidence and poise from her experiences. We are so lucky to have been able to attend both State and National pageants with ABP which are so much fun. I highly recommend ABP. These pageants are run very efficiently and professionally with emphasis on kindness and good sportsmanship. ❤️” – Teresa, Illinois






“Hello this is Kenzlie we are originally from Illinois but moved to Missouri little over a year ago we LOVE ABP we have been with this pageant system for 3 years now we do other pageants outside of ABP just the small ones in our community but there’s no other like America’s Best Lisa Hendrickson Boyer is AWESOME and we love her!! Our first pageant was in Indianapolis (my little pony) we have also been to state once and plan on going again 2019! Kenzlie used to be so shy but now she’s like a firecracker she has so much confidence going in that stage she has came a long way from when she first started out thank you for being such a great pageant family can’t wait for the next one!!!!” – Lacey, Missouri





“This is Emsely and we are from Illinois. We have done 1 pageant with ABP, but will be doing 2 more this year. The pageant system is so easy going and so welcoming. We love it! And the girl in the back is Emsely’s big sister Karlie who is going to be in a pageant next month.” – Megan, Illinois







“My granddaughter Araya did her first pageant with ABP recently and we loved everything about it! We’re from Illinois and we have already scheduled 2 more pageants. We can’t wait! Araya went from being nervous and scared to confident. Looking forward to the next one in Springfield on Nov. 3rd! 😍” – Lisa, Illinois







“We are from IL my friend got us into pageants, I was not sure at first because of the cost and if it would fit into our budget. But when my daughter started going at 6 yr old she won every time I was so surprised! She is 7 and she has done 7 pageants. The directors are the best!” – Leetta, Illinois







“ABP is one of the best, we started back into pageants at age 5 with Katie, she learned a lot about herself and became better at social skills. She made so many friends and me as an adult, also got to build some great bonds. There isn’t anything fake about ABP. Sadly as we have taken a step back from pageants for a little while, but I wouldn’t go to any other system other than ABP! I would forever recommend ABP. You really get the best for your money. Its not about money, its not about being the best, its about our kids building skills, and learning what sportmanship is and how to be a team player, while learning individual goals. ABP is awesome it helps when you have a great director like Lisa and staff like Sloan. Its about being part of a family with ABP.” – Paula, Illinois





“We are from Jackson TN. We fell in love with ABP after our first pageant! It’s like one big family and all of the girls and parents are so sweet and kind to one another and everyone is encouraging and helpful of one another!!” – Megan, Tennessee







“We are from Bella Vista, AR, and we love our ABP family. Our daughter has grown up with this pageant system, and it will always be our first choice. It is like a family to us! My daughter has made best friends, “little sisters”, “big sisters”, and other parents that love her like their own. The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun. The pageants are well organized and run smoothly. Everyone is supportive, friendly and welcoming. ABP is fair, and I feel that this system aims to bring out the best in every contestant. My daughter has won at most every level with ABP and has had a fun experience every time.” – Amy, Arkansas





“This is Kinsley, She is now 22 months old, and we are from Paducah, KY! Kinsley got her start in pageantry with ABP at 7 months old and it was the best decision we ever made! At her very first pageant she won the mega high point title and we were hooked! We have since done 2 more pageants with ABP and plan to do more by the end of this year! We have made so many friends thru ABP, one being Miss Teen Illinois US who crowned Kinsley at Nationals in 2017! You also win so much and some of Kinsleys favorite toys have come from ABP pageants. We have never had to stress at all at any ABP pageant. You also become a very big part of your community with your community title. We cannot go anywhere now without people knowing who she is! We will always love ABP and everything they are about!” – Nikki, Kentucky




“Hello from Illinois…this is Koda 10 months old. This was our first pageant and he did AWESOME. We give ABP a big thumbs up! Can’t wait for future pageants.” – Libby, Illinois








“We are from Illinois. At first we were weary of Pageants and figured we would try one and see how it went. Needless to say we are hooked! The directors are amazing at politely answering my million questions! At the pageant every kids is made to feel like its their big moment! My son is only a year old but he had so much fun dancing and making new friends! Hopefuly we can get into another soon! Glad to be becoming part of this amazing pageant family!” Toree, Illinois



“This is my Sophia and we are from Desloge,Mo. we love ABP and are so thankful to be a part of this amazing family! We enjoy it so much and it has helped my daughter with her shyness!” Kristi, Missouri








I rate APB 5 out of 5 stars. We live in Festus, MO & I originally stumbled upon ABP by accident looking for something my daughter would enjoy like sports, play groups, dance or gymnastics. At first I wasn’t sure about the whole pageant scene- because of television, or other media. It comes with a sort of stereotype. But, she insisted she wanted to try it so we went and she LOVED IT. She was shy at first but was so excited she won- she couldn’t wait to go to the next one. The smile on her face made it all worth it. The best part about ABP that I think sets them apart from the rest is everyone goes home a winner. They are a great pageant group! Everyone was so welcoming. Richelle even made a new friend while we were there & afterwards kids came up and congratulated her. It made her feel really special. Thanks ABP!” – Megan, Missouri





“Gracelyn did her first pageant with ABP back in July and we fell in love. First and foremost with how organized everything was. Second she wasnt in the best mood that weekend so we weren’t expecting much but you can see by the photo she hit a lick. The prizes and toys were amazing! We live in Arkansas and will be coming back to participate in Branson in December!” – Kelsi, Arkansas