Come Free!

Want to come do a pageant but don’t have tons of money to spend? THAT’S OKAY! We want everyone to have the amazing opportunities that pageants can give them. With Ticket sales, you can have friends, family and even businesses sponsor your child! I’m sure you may have some questions on what that all means, so keep reading and we will make sense of it all! Here is some common questions:Future Ticket Sales


What are ticket sales?

Ticket sales are not admission tickets. They are sponsorship tickets to help make pageants more affordable for your family. ONE ticket is $10 and you sell to whomever you like. You have the choice to sell 25 or 30 tickets! (Look at the picture to know what each includes)

Where do I get tickets to sell?

You can print them off of here (the pageant board has them ALL Over), I can email them too. You technically do not have to have paper copies. They are more for your records. You can make your own too.

I am selling tickets, do I still need to pay a deposit?

Yes you do. You will also need to pay half of your ticket sales 2 weeks prior to pageant day, then the rest is due on pageant day. :)


Ways to thank your sponsors is to print a picture of the child, or a card with a signature saying thank you, or maybe even a thank you letter. Always give receipts to sponsors if they ask, especially businesses.10985005_856521457740312_6892167072474246225_o

There is a lot of wonderful pro’s of selling, and its not just to save you some cash, but it enters you into everything we offer, and you leave with SO MUCH COOL STUFF! This is especially wonderful if you are new to pageants and you have no idea what half of the optionals are.

Please remember, these are not admission and solely sponsorship. Be creative and have fun! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have as we are here to help you succeed!

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Here is a copy of the tickets at a $5 value (will still need to collect $250-$300)