Midwest Finals FAQ

This is not the NORMAL prelim FAQ. You can find that under our tabs, this is to assist you with bigger pageants.

What is registration like?
– It is pretty quick as long as you come prepared! ALSO: don’t wait until last min and you won’t be in line forever.

What should we bring?
– MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PHOTOGENIC PHOTOS & 2 GIFTS OR YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY. (You are not required to put a photo in if you don’t have them, but one is included in your package and is a chance at a second score. Being turned away is only if you are entering and don’t have them ready). Also, bring cash and have forms filled out ahead of time. You generally can find an ABP staff member outside of registration with extra. ALSO: bring 2 $5-$7 UNWRAPPED gifts appropriate for your child’s age and gender. They will be distributed evenly amongst your child’s age division.

What time is good to arrive?
-Some families come on Thursday night, some Friday. If you come earlier its better. You get in and out with more time and LESS stress. Generally we start about 6 pm on Firday for Soft Glitz Beauty.

What kinds of dresses are ok for Natural?
– Custom or off the rack work just fine. You will see many different types of gowns, ranging from Sunday’s Best to Babydoll… ALL TYPES. Remember we don’t judge attire, just make sure it is appropriate and fits well so it is not distracting. Fake enhancers are NOT allowed.

What kinds of dresses for glitz?
– Custom dresses or off the rack work just fine. You will generally see all kinds of dresses from long gowns to Cupcakes.

Is there such a thing as TOO much Glitz?
– No. You will see all levels. Fake enhancers ARE allowed.

How long in between events do we have to get ready in between events?
– Approximately an hour, although there is no way to gauge the amount of time accurately ahead of time. As soon as you are finished with one event get ready for the next.

How long on stage for every event?
– You will have 60 seconds, if you go over you may be cut off.  Try to listen for the emcee, when she says thank you, then your time is done. You will not be deducted if not finished.

Custom Music allowed ONLY for Theme Wear (Circus Wear)…
– Must be on a cd and CUT. HOWEVER please remember you are NOT required to bring any, our production company handles it and has so much upbeat age appropriate music.

Will we be busy all Saturday?
– No. You will have a schedule and it will tell you when you need to be in each place. You will have time to get dinner and then you have the contestant party!

When does the schedule come out?
– 1 week prior.

How much is admission and does it last all weekend?
– $15 per person for the whole weekend. Children’s admission is on the paperwork and will be updated here.

When is crowning?
– There will be sessions divided by age which will also be put out closer to time.

How early do I need to be at each event?
– Be there 10-15 min early for each event that is scheduled when the schedule is released, it is very fast passed and we will not break during different age groups. Once one age finishes we move right on to the next.

What scores determine the supreme titles?
– Your highest beauty (either glitz or natural) plus your TWO highest scores in optionals. Optionals are: Photogenic, OOC (Willy Wonka, Candy Wear or Halloween), Model Showcase, and Interview.

What are the contestants scored on?
– Facial beauty, personality and Overall impression.

Are props allowed?
– Props are allowed with easy ON and easy OFF.

What is the difference between Print Model and Photogenic?
– Photogenic is more of a headshot. Print model is full body or waist up.