What outfits do I need?

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Any type of dress for a girl. Can literally be something you have in your closet or something from Khols. Boys, just something nice! If you have a suit wear it! If not, wear holiday clothes like a sweater or button up! We don’t judge attire, so please don’t stress over it. We also have a theme wear category. Every pageant has a theme, so get as crazy as you want, or as simple as you want! HAVE FUN WITH IT.

How much does it cost?

A prelim (one day pageant) always requires a $35 deposit. You have a choice between different packages starting at $100, the packages are outlined in the paperwork for the pageant. Your deposit will be taken from your total and the remainder will be due on pageant day. So for example the Beauty Queen Package is $100, you pay your $35 deposit to secure your spot, then $65 is due on pageant day.

Are there Practices?

No, but feel free to practice at home. A routine is not necessary, just smile, show off your personality, and have fun on stage (that is what is the most important).

What If I want to enter all of my kids? That is expensive!

Yes, it would be ……. if we didn’t offer our awesome sibling discount! We offer $25 off for any additional children (the first contestant is full price). Deposits are required for all kids, and they DO count towards ALL fees .

What are ticket sales?

Ticket sales are not admission tickets. They are sponsorship tickets to help make pageants more affordable for your family. ONE ticket is $10 and you sell to whomever you like.You can sell either 25 or 30 tickets! Be sure to check out our Come Free page for more information!

Are ticket sales required?

No they are not, they are only there to help you afford to come if you need or want the help. Plus it is a way to win an additional title and go home with more awards.

Where do I get tickets to sell?

They are not actual tickets that you sell, but are sponsorship’s/donations that you receive. You technically do not have to have the paper copies, they are to help you keep track on how many you have received.

I am selling 25 tickets, do I still need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you do. Deposits are how you secure your spot within our pageants. HALF of the sales ($125 for 25 / $150 for 30) are due 2 weeks prior to the pageant. THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE (your $25 deposit goes towards this, so 25 tickets will pay $100 and 30 tickets will pay $125 2 weeks prior). The reason is because we order custom awards for every child and when you do not come we still have to pay it.

Can you hold a spot for me?

Not without a paid deposit. Spots are limited, it is at a first come – first serve basis to make it fair.

My child is scared, can I go up on stage with her?

Sure, if they are little we want you to anyways. If they are about 4 and up, we’d like to see them go up alone, however, we also don’t want to make them hate it! So, yes, you can. Hopefully by the end of the day they will have gained enough confidence to take control of the stage on their own. Being on stage with your child will not effect their score.

Does everyone win something?

Yes, everyone goes home a winner. We pride ourselves in building the confidence in our contestants, and we want everyone to know how special they are. However, the higher the title the bigger the prize.

Can my family come watch?

Of course they can! Contestants and children 10 and under are free. Admission for everyone else is $5 at our preliminary pageants.

Where do I send the registration form?

We actually do this for you now! It is called pre-registration. The Director for your location will get a hold of you 1-3 weeks before pageant day going over everything and asking you questions for the forms. This means that you do not have to print anything and fill it out! If you do not respond, you will have to fill it out before registration on pageant day (for this case you will pick up the emcee sheet at the admissions table.)

My child isn’t “skinny”… So I don’t think she would do well…

BOLOGNA. We don’t judge weight, and that’s exactly what is wrong with the world. These kids need to realize how important they are and how special they are to US! I urge more parents who have worried about this to have their children compete because they need to realize they are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are.

How is the pageant judged?

We judge on a 1-10 point scale; Facial Beauty, Personality and Overall Impact.

What do they need to do on stage?

Smile, wave, model if they know how (isn’t judged), blow kisses, wink, dance… Whatever their heart desires… personality is what makes a huge difference in points! They just need to go up there, strut their stuff, and have fun.

What do they win?

We have crowns, sashes, trophies, medals! Every child WILL leave with a crown, trophy, and sash, guaranteed. PLUS we now are giving a gift with our Supreme titles!

What is early bird?

We no longer give an early bird discount, however for some pageant we may give an early bird gift! Each director will chose what to give and how many to give for their pageants.

Can my daughter wear makeup?

We are a natural to soft glitz system. If you want to wear gloss, blush, or mascara that’s fine. Just keep it age appropriate and not overdone. The older the child, the more it is acceptable. We don’t want to see babies with any makeup on. Teens are free to do their makeup as they would any other day.

Can we bring our own music?

Yes, though chances are that we have it already. You may bring your own music for Theme Wear only on a CD.

Do we need a different dress for crowning?

No, but if you want to change, feel free. We encourage you to dress them in what you want them in for pictures unless otherwise noted.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, sadly it isn’t, nor is it transferable. If you have an emergency we will transfer ONE time with approval. We use deposits to assure we have the correct amount of crowns and trophies, and venue, so that is why it is so important!

Can I enter at the door?

Generally yes, as long as there is a spot available. There will be an additional $20 fee for doing so. Please keep in contact with us if you’re thinking about registering at the door, so that we can ensure we have the correct number of awards.

What is photogenic?

It’s an optional category. Where you can bring any photo of any size for an additional $10, for the title Most Photogenic. You can enter additional photos for $5 each.

What are door titles?

They give you the chance to win up to 35 additional Supreme titles for $35.

What is peoples choice?

We bring a BEAUTIFUL crown and you bring the votes! It is one dollar a vote and the most votes wins the crown! If we have a very close race, we will award a runner up. Your family and friends can drop votes with the directors any time before crowning.

What is registration?

You come, pay admission and then are sent to the registration table. You will be asked what optionals you want to enter, and then pay your fees. It is always ONE hour before the pageant’s start time. You can come anytime within that hour.

Will there be a place to change clothes?

Yes, there is. We will always make sure there is a space set aside for that.

Should we come ready?

That is your choice. You can if you want. Some choose to, and that’s fine however we will supply you with ample space to get ready on-site.

What outfit is first?

Beauty is always first and then you change after you’re done with beauty into theme wear.

I am a teen, and I don’t want to do theme wear. What can I do instead?

As a teen, you can choose to do two formals rather than theme wear. However, we do encourage you to do theme wear if you want to! If you don’t, it will not affect points at all.

Should we have a routine?

No, you are not required nor expected to come with a routine. If you do, GREAT! Judges love being entertained! We DO NOT judge routine, but it does help show your personality!