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Lisa Boyer

Owner & National Director



Lisa Boyer is the National Director and Founder of America’s Best Pageant. She has been involved in pageantry for more than twenty years. Her fascination with pageants began when she put her daughter, Katie, into a pageant when she was five years old. They instantly fell in love with pageants and traveled all over the US competing in them. Lisa has a ten year proven track record of pageant production since she began directing pageants over ten years ago and has held pageants all over the Midwest since then. Lisa’s hard work and dedication is what made it possible for America’s Best Pageant to be featured on the hit reality television show, Toddlers and Tiaras.

Melonie Reed



Melonie Reed became involved in pageants nine years ago when her daughter began competing at age five. Melonie and her daughter were blessed with many kind families and directors who were willing to help them out and Melonie still maintains those friendships to this day. Melonie’s daughter learned confidence, poise, and how to achieve her goals through hard work and dedication. Melonie says, “I have had the pleasure of being on the other side of pageants as a judge and a director. It makes my heart happy to see children having so much fun on stage and making new friends. It is my honor to watch them grow to become confident young ladies and gentlemen. Americas Best Pageant strives to make your pageant experience a stress free fun day for the family.”

Sloan Wolf



Sloan Wolf has been active with pageants for over five years now. It started when her daughter, Laila, was three and said she wanted to be in pageants. Sloan has been a state director for America’s Best Pageant since 2015! She directs all Illinois locations as well as a few other locations she travels to. Today pageants are a part of who she is! Sloan says, “I was where you are, a new pageant mom unsure of what to expect and exactly what to do.  Then I became the assistant to a director, and now today I am a state director myself.  Everyone who attends our pageants become very special to us, it is a family of its own!  Seeing your loved ones up on that stage shining with their personalities and having fun is the best part about what we do!”

Nicole Choe


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Nicole Choe currently resides in Springfield, Missouri, owns a restaurant in Ozark, Missouri, and is a stay at home mother of two sweet little girls. Nicole has been involved with pageants since she was eight years old and she competed on a local, state, and national level for several years. Besides competing in pageants, Nicole has also judged for a few pageants. In 2013 Nicole’s oldest daughter competed in her first pageant, which is where Nicole met Lisa Boyer for the first time. After initially meeting Lisa, Nicole let her daughter enter several more pageants through America’s Best Pageant. It was during these times that Nicole realized she wanted to eventually work for Lisa Boyer at ABP. This dream was made a reality in May 2015 when Nicole became a Director within the Missourri area. Nicole says, “I am excited to help people in their journey of pageantry and honored to be a part of the America’s Best Pageant family.”

Carrie Fortenberry


Kristina Weston