Springfield, IL – Big Crown Regional’s Pageant

Come join us in Springfield, IL on November 3rd for our first BIG CROWN REGIONAL PAGEANT!! This is a one day event that will be packed full of fun for your Royal!! There will be 3 stage events! Beauty, Theme Wear & OOC!! Those will be explained a little more below. We are accepting Girls Newborn to 19 && Boys Newborn to 12!! We are only taking 50 contestants for this pageant! These spots will fill so be sure to get your first $50 deposit in ASAP to save your spot! Everyone will win at least a 20 INCH CROWN at this location!! Up to a 25 inch crown!! You can win up to 8 crowns!! (I will break this down later.)



BEAUTY:  You can compete in either NATURAL OR GLITZ! The choice is yours! There is only one beauty stage event so you can only choose to do one. There will be side awards for Natural and side awards for Glitz competitors, as well as Supreme Titles only natural competitors can win and some only glitz competitors can win. Sloan will need to know which side you are competing in before pageant day.
THEME WEAR: You get to Pick Your Theme! You can wear any outfit inspired by any Disney Character from the classic cartoons, to the Pixar Films, to Disney Production Movies! Be any princess or villain! Or any character at all! From Mickey Mouse, to Ariel, to Maleficent, to a Star Wars character! OR any character inspired by any Comic Book! Be a Superhero or one of the bad guys, the choice is yours! Be as creative with this as you want to be! This is the only stage event you will be able to have custom music or choose your song.
OOC: This is literally anything goes! You can wear any cute outfit, any theme
wear you already have, or one you have not been able to use yet! Or even wear
your Halloween costume again! Be as creative with this as you want to be!
Each stage event is only 60 seconds on stage, no exceptions.

 WANT TO KNOW HOW TO ATTEND THIS PAGEANT AT LITTLE TO NO COST FOR YOU?! You can sell Good Luck Wish Tickets! The name is a little confusing, these are not actually tickets to anything, but rather sponsorships you get from family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, etc in the form of $10 good luck wishes. If you “sell” 35 or 40 you get extra awards for doing ticket sales!! These are called Ambassador awards!! The picture on the left explains what each level enters you into and what you win for doing that amount. A lot of moms will also hold raffles, do fundraisers, have bake sales – as a couple examples – to also come up with the funds for this. If you do an amount less than 35 it will go towards your fees due on pageant day without extra awards. Half of ticket sales will need to be paid to Lisa no later than October 14th.
(click to enlarge photo)


The cost for everyone starts at $250 (this is without doing ticket sales). You first have a $50 deposit to Sloan to save your spot then a second deposit of $75 to Lisa to be half paid no later than October 14th, with a final payment of $125 due on pageant day. This Big Crown Package enters you into ALL 3 STAGE EVENTS, BEST AWARDS (hair, eyes, smile, dressed), MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST PHOTOGENIC, ULTIMATE BEAUTY, DOOR TITLES & TOP TEN!!


This does not include Mega High Point Supreme, Elite Supreme, or Double Crowns. If you wanted to add these Mega High Point is the highest title of the pageant (this is not included in Door Titles at this pageant) winners will receive a 25 INCH CROWN! There will be 3 Natural Mega’s & 3 Glitz Mega’s!! Elite Supreme is a chance to win ANOTHER 25 INCH CROWN, 5 FOOT TROPHY & SASH!! There will be a 0-3 Elite & 4+ Elite!! Mega & Elite Supreme is $30 to enter. DOUBLE CROWNS are a chance to win ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL CROWN for just $20!! If you were to go ALL IN you would owe $175 on pageant day! To the left is a schedule of when payments are due for this pageant.




How can you win up to 8 crowns?!
1) For the title you win!
2) Double Crowns
3) Elite Supreme
4) ABP page Photo Contest judging
5) ABP page Photo Contest like contest
6) People’s Choice
7) Referral Queen
8) Ticket Sales


Below is the information, paperwork, pricing, ticket sales information, rules and regulations as well as the waiver and agreement form everyone will need to sign. If you have any questions or would like to get your spot saved contact Sloan Wolf.