About ABP

A little bit about us…
America’s Best Pageant is a natural beauty pageant system. We pride ourselves by holding pageants where each and every Royal (contestant) is a winner! Our pageants are designed for your children to have fun and build their self confidence! We judge by the amount of personality your child shows on stage! All they need to do is go up on stage have fun and show their personality! We have a natural beauty section where they can wear the dress of their choice, and a Outfit Of Choice (theme wear) which will depend on the type of pageant we are holding (Strut Your Stuff, Lisa Frank, Comics & Tutus, etc.) There are many different titles that they can win at each pageant! They will win tiaras, sashes, trophies and medals! There are also multiple ways to go home with more than one title! Our pageants are a great opportunity for your Royal to build their self confidence, have fun, and make new friends!

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Will your beautiful children be joining our pageant family soon?
It is not all about hair and makeup with our system! It is about personality, smiling, and having fun on stage! We are a natural beauty system, with glitz as an optional at times! We believe that every person who gets on that stage is a winner! Every contestant goes home with a crown, sash, and trophy! We are excited to be expanding our family to include more states within the Midwest! We look forward to seeing you at our next pageant near you!

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Things we can promise you about our pageant system…
Your princes and princesses will have a lot of fun and love the attention and encouragement they get at our pageants! They will also make lots of new pageant friends! You too will make pageant friends! Our pageant system is more like a family than anything else!


Our Mission Statement…
ABP wants to give the best experience to the contestants possible. Within our system everyone goes home a winner, we pride ourselves in helping to build the self confidence of our contestants. We encourage our pageant families to give back to their communities also. (learn more) Watching the way our contestants light up on stage during crowning is that this is about for us, we hope that with the encouragement from all of us they will grow to become beautiful, giving, caring people full of confidence and poise.


Come to our pageants Free…
Did you know that we offer a way for you to attend our pageants at little to no cost to you? Follow this link to learn more about how you could Come Free!

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